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Karel Capital, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor specializing in the management of equity and fixed income investment portfolios. All personal, corporate and retirement accounts are individually tailored to meet the client's income and capital growth requirements.

Founded in 1989, Karel Capital Inc. is a fee based only investment advisory company registered with the state of Washington and is a subadvisor to Silicon Valley Wealth Advisors, LLC.

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Long Term Oriented Portfolios

Karel Capital, Inc. structures long term oriented portfolios that include high quality growth/income companies, investment grade bonds and strategic cash management strategies.

Additionally, for appropriate portfolios, growth companies, including such sectors as biotechnology, electronic technologies, alternative energy, telecommunications and information enterprise companies are included in portfolio investments. The asset weighting in accounts is individually determined based on the client's financial needs, goals, and risk parameters. 

It is the primary goal of Karel Capital, Inc. to develop and manage portfolios that provide the client dependable investment performance while keeping investment risk to a minimum. All accounts are maintained and segregated in the client's name only and are handled on a discretionary basis. Throughout the relationship between Karel Capital, Inc. and the client, clients are kept apprised of their portfolio's performance via bank statements, brokerage reports, and quarterly statements from the Advisor.

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We believe an educated investor makes for a successful investor.

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Investing in the 21st century requires extending beyond traditional investment strategies.

At Karel Capital, Inc. social investing strategies are a part of our daily focus. Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) and Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Investing, is oriented toward companies whose mission is more than 'just profits.' We identify those companies and funds enhancing the quality of life for their customers, employees and sustainability of our planet.

ESG considers the positive actions from a company’s actions like investing into green initiatives, carbon emissions, pollution, energy efficiency, and shareholder friendly actions.

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Getting Started

Before a portfolio is designed and implemented, the client's financial history, monetary needs, and investment goals are assessed. Only when the client's financial objectives are ascertained can a portfolio be prudently designed. During this process the advisor often communicates with the client's other professional advisors such as accountants and estate planning attorneys.

The asset weighting in accounts is individually determined based on the client's financial needs, goals, and risk parameters. Interested parties should contact Karel Capital, Inc. for a complimentary introductory meeting.

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